Clothing Store Assistant

POS Software Solution for clothes shops. This low-cost retail software covers key parts of the apparel management. You are in need of invoicing, inventory control, inventory entries, cash reconciliation, sales reports, accounting and you run a tight budget? We’ve got good news for you!

$75.00/month or One time payment of $2,430.00

Passwords in lower case (optional)

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  • User-friendly interface
  • Daily or monthly sale reports
  • Quarterly sale report on vendors
  • Accounting activities made easy
  • Big layout surface for 4K-UHD monitors!
  • Built-in label shop to generate barcodes
  • Mass e-mailing tool for email campaigns
  • Unlimited number of invoices, items, etc
  • Cash reconciliation report upon opening
  • Inventory management according to sizes
  • Featuring GST, PST & HST for Canadian